Collabim training

We've found that an average user uses only an average of 8.2% of the Collabim features he has available. We decided to change it!

Who is the training intended for?

  • for Collabim users who already have the basics of SEO and Collabim toolkit
  • for professionals who already use Collabim but want to streamline their work
  • you want to be at the forefront of current trends in SEO <- we follow them for you and prepare tools for more efficient work

What can you learn from this marketing training?

  • how to use Collabim effectively to make your investment worth it and not just an expensive multimeter
  • how to use Collabim at an even higher level than you are currently using - especially what they are for and how to use batch-analyses in practice
  • or find words that convert through PPC vs. GA analysis for collaboration of these two branches of internet marketing
  • we have prepared a plan from which you can choose either areas or tell exactly what you want to discuss!

What makes this SEO training unique?

In fact, it is not a classic training at all, but a consultation!

You will be dealing directly with your clients' projects on real data and with people who are actively involved in the development of the most used SEO tool in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

They will walk you through Collabim and show you how to work with him to really save you time and make the most of his possibilities!

We know that trade is also important to you!

If you wish, we will also focus on the acquisition part of the internet marketing process.
We will show you how to prepare an SEO test in 2 minutes, which will put your future customer in a chair! Without bullshit, data directly from his website and search engines.

Dalibor Jaroš

CEO of Collabim

10+ years in marketing


How is Collabim's online SEO training going?

Before training

  • please make an order below
  • please fill in the basic information about yourself
  • make a payment for training
  • you will then receive an e-mail to the page where you can choose the training courses (maximum 4 to make it through), or specify us what you want to improve in SEO or Collabim
  • you will then receive an e-mail with instructions where you can select a date for your private training

Course of training

  • we will meet you on the online platform (the exact address will be sent to you by e-mail)
  • there will be interactive training and demonstrations of work with the system and its link to internet marketing and SEO
  • after training you will receive an evaluation form
  • If you are not satisfied with the training, we will refund your money
  • if you wish, the entire training will be filmed for your next need
  • maximum number of participants is 3 - but you pay one price
  • the whole training takes 2 hours

Customer's ratings

Dozens of people have gone through the training, check out what they said about the training and how many of them recommend our training!

Price list of training


Collabim clients with prepaid tariff for at least 3 months

or a payment history of at least 3 months

they can take this practical training for

85 USD

for the whole training, which lasts 2 hours

Collabim users with FREE account

and an active account usage history of at least 6 months

they can take this practical training behind

128 USD

for the entire training lasting 2 hours

Collabim users with FREE account

without usage history

they can take this practical training for


213 USD

for the entire training lasting 2 hours

The price is one. It does not matter whether the training will be one participant or three participants from one company.