SEO training and Collabim training

Online SEO training for beginners

  • we'll go through the basics of SEO on your site and show you how you can help yourself
  • together we will prepare an SEO test of your website, show you what to look for
  • we may find indexing issues - maybe the search engines don't know about all the pages of your site at all!
  • This training is designed especially for users for whom SEO and Collabim is not a daily routine
  • and much more, check out more info below

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Collabim training

  • let's go through the tool online
  • we'll show you some cool features you might not know about yet
  • we'll show you how to save a sea of time while using Collabim effectively
  • This training is for advanced users who are already using our tool
  • and much more, check out more info below

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How do I know which training is right for me?

Answer yourself a few questions:

Do I know why keywords should be tagged (even if I don't always do it) and how to access them afterwards?

Are my daily bread terms like search, CTR, conversions?

Have I achieved at least partial success in SEO?

If at least one question has been answered as "NO", it will probably be more appropriate for you:

SEO training for beginners

If all the answers were "YES", you will probably find it more appropriate:

Collabim training