Terms of use Collabim


Terms simplified

  • You are the sole owner of your data. We will never misuse them, because we would discredit ourselves. The only exception are well known data/phrases, such as phrase "google", "invoicing" etc.
  • Select any paid schedule and test Collabim for free for 30 days. After this period we will send you first ivoice.
  • If you upgrade FREE schdule to any paid schedule your first invoice will be issued next day. In this case, 30-day test period is not applied.
  • The schedule can be changed whenever you wish. The fee for the selected schedule will be paid from the next invoicing period.
  • You can delete your account any time and you will not be invoiced any more after this act.
  • Please do not use authomatic methods (robots) for access to the service and use our API.

Full terms

Download kompletní licenční podmínky Collabimu (.pdf, 254 kB).

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