Special tariff for  WEBAREAL system

Join our deal tariff offer designed for WEBAREAL customers only.

Thanks to our cooperation with system webareal.cz we bring you a deal tariff, that is available only to clients who pay one of the tariffs of this e-shop system.

The tariff is fully functional with the LITE tariff, whose description and features are to be found on our price list..

The only change is the number of keywords and projects you can follow in this tariff.

Maximum number of words:400 

Maximum number of projects: 1 

Like LITE, this tariff also has a flexible limit for words, and allows switching words between daily and 14-days version at 1:14 scale.

Special price for this tariff can be found in Account and Billing folder in your Collabim.




New tariff just for you!


400 keywords

One project


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