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Invoice figures

Address: Okružní 2615, České Budějovice 3, 370 01 České Budějovice, Czech Republic
ID: 05711151
Tax ID: CZ05711151 (VAT)
The company is registered in company register, unit C 26010 maintained at Regional court in České Budějovice
Account #: 2001140450/2010 (FIO - bank address)
IBAN: CZ9720100000002001140450, BIC (SWIFT): FIOBCZPPXXX

People in Collabim

(God of support and marketing)
Your know-it-all for everything

(project guru)
Just tells us what should be done

Simply follows Karol and his orders

Simply follows Karol and his orders and also makes excellent photos of us

Sometimes follows Karol and his orders and does a lot of human testing

Pays out the salaries and he is responsible
for a fresh coffee brew