Card payments

via GOPAY system


How does payment via Gopay work?

If you choose to make a payment through GoPay, we set up with them a periodic payment that allows us to charge and call for payment for ordered services (subscription of a tariff or credits to single analyzes and other one-time payments - we always inform you in advance of this fact).

After the money has been credited to our GoPay account, an invoice is issued. This process runs automatically based on your first confirmed payment.

NBy setting up a card payment, you agree that your data will be kept with GoPay, which maintains your data under the PCI-DSS Level 1 international security standard (this is the highest level of data security in the financial sector). 

How to cancel card payment?

  • By cancelation of your account
  • Alternatively, switch to a FREE tariff

Possible issues with card payment

In some cases, payment issues are most common, and Collabim always informs you by email at the address of the account holder:

  • Insufficient funds on the account
  • card expiration
  • card cancelation

In the cases above, the funds will not be automatically withdrawn, and we notify you by email. Collabim attempts to complete this request three times more within 4 days, and if the request is not refunded, then the tariff automatically goes to a blocked status where it prompts you to re-enter the payment method.. 

We always ask for a timely resolution of this situation to avoid unnecessary blocking and thus loss of measured data in your account.

Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us..