How can Collabim help you?

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It measures keyword positons

With Collabim, you have an instant overview of your positions in the search engines.You will discover many new keywords and you can analyze them based on competitiveness and data from Google Search Console.

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It analyses websites

Words like TITLE, H1, META description, and website body are most likely familiar to you. Are there words on which you want to be visible for the search engines? You are not sure about some words or you just don't want to browse all websites manually? Collabim offers a comprehensive survey of target websites and keywords.

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It snoops competitors

Get the data about the position of your competitors in search engines. Collabim can uncover it to you and compare the search position of your competitors with your websites.

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It does one-off analyses

In few minutes, our one-off analyses measures your position and search rate of any keyword. In the same time, you will also get keyword suggestions based on the data from search predictions.

What is the advantage of one-off analyses

It watches the existence of backlinks

Collabim regularly checks the activity of your backlinks. You can find the results as well as other useful information in backlink overview. It informs you via email about any change.

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It reports with one click

Collabim creates clear reports on visiting rate, positions in the search engines, backlinks, and other metrics.

Your client or your boss will love them.

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Discover websites for gaining the links

Site finder automatically searches for similar quality websites.

Owing to this you will discover suitable websites where you can get backlinks, articles, or other form of cooperation.

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It supports team work

Do you need to grant the access to Collabim to your colleague or client? We can do it.

You can easily set up the access rights only for selected websites or set it as read only. 

What are the user roles?

It can import and export

To make your work easier we have prepared several ways how to import and export the data.

You can import keywords and backlinks as well as connect Collabim to Google Analytics and Search Console.

Export can be used when you want to analyze the data outside of Collabim. And yes - we have an API

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It archives old projects

Do you need to add a new project? You don't have to delete old websites and all your valuable data but you can archive them and suspend the position measurements. Thanks to this you can add a new website.

You have an unlimited access to all of your archived projects. You can activate an archived website and start measuring without the data loss whenever you want.


Language versions are available

We can measure your position in more than 70 search engines including Google (mobile as well as picture), Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Seznam.

As a bonus you get a possibility of personalization of search resuts for more than 160 cities all around the world. This is appreciated by those of you who target on foreign markets.

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How much time can Collabim save you monthly?

These numbers represent avarage saved time.
The values may differ based on type and dimensions of the company.

Select how many websites you want to measure:

1 website

Determination of position in search engines: 0,5 h ?
Discovery of suitable webs for gaining the links: 1 h ?
Reporting of SEO results to clients of management: 1 h ?
Analysis of competitors, analysis of websites and SEO expenses: 1 h ?

Monthly you save totally up to 3,5 hour of your work. You pay 450 CZK excl. VAT/month for Collabim.

Testimonials from Collabim users:


Collabim helps us with leading linkbuilding activities for our clients and with keeping order in them. Reports, that are also provided by Collabim, help us with complex SEO overview for effective development.


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Collabim is a source of important information, that are fundamental in our daily work. We recommend it to our clients and partners in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.



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